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Acceleration Melbourne was founded in June 2015, by Anthony and Leonie Van Rooyen. The concept came from the highly successful Acceleration facilities in Queensland, where Anthony trained as a young athlete. Having grown up and played sport in Australia, Anthony knew first hand that Australian athletes needed guidance, help and coaching when it came to increasing their strength, power and speed. Through his training experience and education, Anthony was certain that he could provide a high performance facility which specialised in developing athletes. Hence the reason for the name: “Acceleration” – the one facet of sport that is most needed for success in the majority of sports throughout the world.

They began the company in Parkville at the State Netball and Hockey Centre, with the help of Director of Performance, Brett Robertson, who had extensive experience in creating and delivering high performance programs for a variety of athletes throughout all levels of development. This gave them a home base in July 2015 to start work towards their vision.

Our first client ever was a determined young basketball player named Trent Cousins, who trained alongside professional NBL player Lucas Walker. We started very slowly with a just a few clients in the first few weeks.

In August 2015, we started work at Caulfield Grammar School with the rowing squad. The rowing co-ordinator, Samuel Dutney, was a firm believer in Acceleration Melbourne and it’s training principles. Now we have high performance sessions running four mornings a week over two campuses.

We have compiled all of the testing results of all of the individuals, team and club sport athletes who have been associated with Acceleration Melbourne.  Have a look at our Acceleration All-Time Greatest Record Board!  You might just find your name or someone you know who has the record for one of our tests!  You’ll see the results some people get are pretty impressive.

More importantly are the 1,000’s of young developing athletes that we have helped on a day to day basis  and that we will continue to develop for many years to come through our training at various centres and through our distance programming.