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Athlete Spotlight: Manuel Garcia

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July’s athlete spotlight in on long term client Jose ‘Manuel’ Garcia. Manuel has been training with Acceleration since 2005 with a long term goal of improving his all-round athleticism. During his time with us we have seen his 20m sprint drop from 3.30sec to 2.85sec, whilst increasing his Vertical Jump, Overhead throw and relative strength levels.

Name: Jose ‘Manuel’ Garcia

DOB: 22 Nov 1987

Teams played for: Brisbane City, Wynnum Wolves, North star, Brisbane Knights

Date started training at Acceleration: some time in 2005

Greatest sporting achievement: Winning National Championships with Queensland 2005. And winning Goal of the season in Sunshine coast premier league 2013.

Why do you train at Acceleration: To be as quick as I can be over 20m through to 100m, while working on my weak points to prevent injury.

Results attained at Acceleration: Decreased 20m sprint time from 3.30sec to 2.85sec. Decreased pro-agility from 5.22sec to 4.88sec. Increased lower body strength by 100%.

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