BasketBall Training Program - Acceleration Melbourne BASKETBALL TRAINING PROGRAM
You will find that at Acceleration – your coaches, their experience and your program will get you the results you are looking for. The Basketball players we see are developmental right through to elite players. They come to us as individuals to test and train at our Parkville centre. Basketball athletes can also train under an Acceleration program with their club or academy. We even offer distance programs through online programs.You can have a look at the sample we’ve provided below but basically our basketball specific speed, agility and strength training includes everything you or your club needs.  This includes elements like: dynamic warm-ups, conditioning, foot speed and agility drills (ladders, cones, etc) and weight training.  Our coaches also  monitor your movement patterns to ensure that you are stable and mechanically moving properly.
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An Acceleration Training Program typically includes:

Testing Session
Each athlete is tested to measure speed, agility, strength, power and vertical jump.  A video analysis is also conducted to find immediate ways to improve your running form.  This testing session also enables your coach to detect any instabilities you may have in your form that could be holding you back or heading you towards a possible injury.  The result of this testing session is a program written specifically for you and your goals.

Specifically we test:
– Anthropometrics (Height, Weight)   Specifically we test:- Function ROM/Manual Muscle Tests (eg Scapula Winging, Dorsiflexion, Prone Shoulder Elevation, etc.)
– Power (Vertical Jump, Medicine Ball Overhead Throw)
– Speed & Agility (20m Dash, Pro-shuttle)

Are you ready to be unstoppable?

1. Sign up as an Acceleration Client:

Your Basketball specific training program will make the biggest impact on your strength and power –  among many other things.

Your customised Acceleration – Basketball Training Program will include most or all of the following components:
Deep System Integration Exercises
Dynamic Warm Up
Speed and Agility Drills
Strength and Power Exercises
Core Strength

Basketball Sample Program (PDF 44k)

This is a a sample strength program to show what your Basketball Program may look like.
Your program will depend greatly on what level you play, how old/developed you are and if you have any current injuries.

Basketball Speed Sample Program (PDF 77k)
This is a sample of a speed program we would give a basketball player and team.

2. Sign-Up for a Basketball-Specific Physical Development Program

Speed, Strengh and Physical Development camps and clinics are available. 
Are you part of Victoria Basketball?  We have a special Development Program on now for you! Contact us today!

Who are we currently working with?

We have worked with a fair few individual players and at several different clubs around Brisbane.  These are some of the basketball organisations we are currently working with or have worked with in the past:

Brisbane Basketball – Acceleration has signed a deal which will mean that we are training the Men’s QBL team in 2013. After over 12 years existing in the same building, Acceleration has never had direct access to the team we are looking forward to giving the Caps the edge on their competition in 2015.

Logan Thunder WNBL  After 2 Years with the Logan Thunder WNBL Team; Acceleration and Director of Performance Byron Williams have had a successful Strength & Conditioning Program and enjoyed working with the team during the 2013/2014 Season.

Logan Basketball Inc. – Acceleration Brisbane East will be running sessions with all Representative Teams from U/12 to D-League Boys and Girls Teams for 2015. Thank you to Joshua Pascoe for bringing in Acceleration.

Basketball Queensland – Acceleration is now the official provider of Performance Enhancement training for the National Performance Program (NPP) and the State Performance Program (SPP).