Role of Motivation in the Success of an Athlete

Motivation is certainly the foundation of all athletic achievements and efforts. Motivation is the key to success. Without motivation, dedication and determination to improve your performance, rest of the mental factors including focus, intensity, confidence and emotions would then become pointless and meaningless.  If you wish to become successful, you must stay motivated and it is only through motivation, you could maximize your efforts and ability to achieve your goals.

Motivation could be defined as the ability or the capacity to initiate and go on persisting at any task. If you wish to put up the best sports performance, you must initiate the process of becoming an athlete by consistently maintaining your efforts until your goals are achieved. Motivation in sports seems to be extremely important and plays a pivotal role particularly because you need to go on working hard fighting against boredom, fatigue, pain and also, the desire and wish to devote time to other things.

Motivation is known to be impacting everything that is supposed to influence your performance as an athlete such as mental preparation, physical conditioning, tactical and technical training and lifestyle in general including diet, sleep, relationships and work.



There are numerous signs of lack of or low motivation.

  • There seems to be a definite lack of desire for practising as much as one should.
  • Putting in less than 100 percent efforts, as far as, training goes.
  • Shortening or even skipping training.
  • Putting in an effort which seems to be inconsistent with your objectives.


You seem to be really motivated if you devote 100 percent of your energy, time, effort and focus into your sports. It would involve indulging in everything possible for becoming the best athlete. The three Ds is the key to prime motivation. The first D means direction. Before you could achieve prime motivation, you need to choose from the diverse directions that you could take in your sporting career. You need to choose from three options including stop participating completely, carry on at your present level or strive towards becoming the best athlete ever.

The second D would represent the decision. You need to decide which direction to take. There is nothing right or wrong or even better or worse among these directions. You simply need to make the right decision for yourself. Your choice would be dictating the kind of time and energy you would be devoting to your sport and what kind of athlete you would be becoming in future.

The third D is nothing but dedication. Once you have decided what to do, you must stay dedicated towards that goal. You could achieve success only by being completely dedicated and devoted to your direction and decision. Your top priority should be your decision to become the very best and your dedication towards your sport.



  • Focussing on your long-term objectives and goals is a good idea. Keep reminding yourself why you are putting in so much hard work.
  • Have a training partner to constantly motivate you and inspire you to go on despite odds. Even if you are pushing yourself constantly, you would be working much harder if there is someone behind you all the time pushing you and motivating you in achieving your goals.
  • Focussing on your toughest and greatest competitor would help you go on.
  • Generating positive emotions help. Stay motivated through inspirational photographs and phrases.

You must remember that nothing could be more motivating and rewarding than setting your precise goal, putting in your efforts toward achieving the goal and finally, attaining the goal.

Sports: The Food for Mind and Body

Playing sports could be immensely beneficial for everyone both old and young alike. Sports can really help in enhancing your health and fitness and in boosting team spirit and a sense of achievement. If you are playing a sport that you enjoy and love playing, you are sure to reap positive rewards and learn invaluable life lessons.

Sports Enhances Physical Fitness

Sports, particularly those that necessitate a lot of action such as basketball, football, racquetball, and tennis could be beneficial in managing your weight and at the same time would be helpful in giving your cardiovascular system and muscles a great workout. Playing sports on a regular basis could prove to be immensely helpful in burning calories. Sport is the best way of staying fit and active.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Sports provide ample opportunities for players to witness the outcome of their endeavours. If you have been practising real hard at a particular sport and if you are achieving success, it helps to build a tremendous amount of self-esteem. If you are able to defeat your opponent, you get a superb feeling of accomplishment. You feel very happy and it seems to be fantastic boost to your self-confidence. Mastering a skill enhances your self-esteem and confidence manifold.

Team Spirit

Sports inculcate in you a spirit of teamwork and brotherhood. It evokes camaraderie amongst team mates. You are taught how to be responsible enough to discharge your duties and fulfil your share of the responsibilities. Every team member relies on the other for results. You learn to become interdependent to achieve better results. You learn to value the contribution of each and every team member and perform like a team as a whole.

How to Tackle Pressure to Perform Well at Sports

Sports performance is very important and it is necessary to perform well especially, at the pro levels. For consistent performance you need to be hardworking and dedicated to attaining your goals. You can enhance your performance by getting well trained. You can join professional institutes and academies to better your performance. However, you could do lots to enhance your performance. You must appreciate that it is the ability to cope and handle pressure that holds the key to peak performance and success.

Here are some ways to cope with performance pressure.

Expecting Too Much Is Detrimental

You would often feel like a huge failure if your expectations are too high. It is not at all realistic for anybody to keep expecting perfection every time. You keep judging your performances if your expectations are too high. When you fail to reach your expectations, you start thinking that you are a real failure. Aiming high is always good, but when you overdo it you lose connection with reality. Set attainable goals so that your self-confidence is boosted when you achieve them and you are able to perform even better every time.

Do Not Keep Worrying Over Shortcomings

If you seem to be a perfectionist, you would spend a tremendous amount of time thinking about the mistakes you made and focus always on your weaknesses. This is just not right for your self-confidence. You simply cannot enjoy your sport with this kind of negativity around you.

Simply enjoy playing your game and remember the good times, the good scores or performances. You must understand and accept that mistakes and failures are a part of the game and you need to learn from your mistakes so that you are able to perform better next time.

Keep Practising and Keep Competing for Top Performance

Keep competing as much as you are practising. No need to get too comfortable with practice. Do not end up with lack of confidence, while playing the game. Remember to participate in a competition every 4 hours of practising. It is important to feel confident, while performing in competitive sports and not just, while practising.

It is important to develop mental skills in order to perform well and keep performance stress away. You must compete with full reassurance and confidence. You must develop confidence and have faith in your abilities and skills for achieving a truly winning performance.