Why Swimming Is the Best Form of Exercise?

Swimming is obviously the hot favourite sport of all fitness freaks. Swimming is known to provide something that none of the aerobic exercises do. It provides the capacity to work the body without any kind of harsh effect on your skeletal system. Swimming is usually considered to be the most effective way of enhancing your heart rate and boosting blood circulation. Swimming is the most efficient way of reducing and maintaining a normal weight. But this is certainly not the end. Swimming is associated with a host of fat burning and muscle building benefits. When you hit the pool and enjoy a number of laps, you are ensuring overall physical fitness along with muscle toning and breath control. Swimming training program is best for:

Managing Weight

You could expect to burn about 367 calories if you indulge in only half an hour of breaststroke. This definitely, is way ahead of walking, running or cycling in terms of results.  You could browse online to check out the exact number of calories, your favourite swimming stroke would be burning.

Reducing Stress Levels

As per many studies and surveys, it is proved beyond doubt that swimming is great for releasing tension and stress. Most people admit that swimming makes them really happy. They feel immensely relaxed and completely rejuvenated after swimming. Swimming is a good way of soothing your mind. Swimmers are much less prone to stress-related depression, tension, confusion, and anger.

Strengthening & Toning Muscles

Water resistance is known to be 44x greater as compared to air and that implies that you would need to work even harder while moving through it. It is similar to working out with machines or weight without any need to costly or cutting-edge equipment. Swimming is the most cost-effective way of strengthening and toning your muscles. Since water is supposed to be 12x denser than air, swimming is regarded as a far more efficient way of muscle toning when compared to other cardiovascular workouts that could be done on land.

Exerting Low-Impact

You seem to bear only 10 percent of your actual body weight while swimming because of the buoyancy of water. Thanks to the reduced stress on bones and enhanced ease of movement, swimming poses much lower injury risks than any other form of exercise.

Improving Your Sleep

Swimmers usually experience sound sleep all night long. They would be the last people to complain about sleep issues and disorders. They would not be confronting problems such as insomnia, disturbed sleep or waking very early.

Lowering Risk of Diseases

Swimming is a wonderful form of cardiovascular workout. It is effective in controlling blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, and reducing bad cholesterol level present in your blood. You could cut down the possibilities of developing stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes if you are a regular swimmer.

The idea of cycling or running around a given track endlessly could be quite boring for many of you and quite stressful too. Swimming, however, is known to release and boost endorphins in your body which promote feelings of well-being. Studies have revealed that you could achieve similar relaxation responses as yoga while swimming.