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Acceleration has helped thousands of athletes move faster, jump higher and get stronger through our strength and conditioning training and injury treatment methods.  By following Acceleration’s proven methods and with modifications it to suit individual teams it is possible to develop teams into efficient, highly effective contenders.

Specific sports fitness increases athletes speed, power, strength, endurance, recovery time and decreases injury rates. This will help to give your team a competitive advantage over other teams by creating players who are essentially stronger and can out pace your opponents.

Here is how it works

Each session runs for a total of 75 minutes. Sessions will be held at your club or in an Acceleration Centre depending on individual cases. Programs will be specifically designed to accommodate for your sport’s pre-season, competition, off season etc. The programs will include:

Testing (3 times a year)

This testing measures things such as flexibility, power, agility, and speed. The data recovered from the testing sessions tell us where the team is at before we start training them. It also alerts your performance coach if a club member has issues to consider (poor running form). Subsequent testing sessions are in place to monitor the progress made by each individual and the team as a whole.  Over the years, Acceleration has developed a large database of testing results and some software which will e-mail each participant and the coach login details to view the results.

His or her results can be compared and graphed with the other members of the club, other people in the same sport, those of the same age and many other variables.  Each tested category has record holders. The person holding the record will have their name published and the result they received. This is highly motivating to athletes.

Included in the results will be a power rating (score out of 700 points), which will give an indication of each person’s overall athleticism rating.

Dynamic Warm up

These warm ups prepare the body and neurological system for the work load the athlete is about to perform.  Our research has proven this method of warming up to be highly effective.

Speed and Agility

Almost all sports require you to move quickly.  Acceleration programs incorporate drills to get the athletes moving their feet as quickly as possible and in a way, that replicates the movements they make in their sport(s).  We use ladders, cones, sleds, etc throughout the year to ensure that athletes do not slow down as they grow in height and weight.


Power comes from the combination of strength and speed.  Your athletes will become explosive players after completing their speed and strength training with Acceleration.


Strength comes from resistance training. Using free weight and body weight exercises, our performance coaches will write, monitor and managed the athletes through their strength program.  Each program is design to create a strong stable body that is more resistant to injury and more powerful and quick in competition. Core strength training in groups is great because it makes workouts enjoyable. Strength training for athletes can have an amazing effect on sports performance and injury prevention.


Acceleration can help with the conditioning of your athletes as well. We have found that conditioning is usually a part of training with teams at practice and therefore, the athletes don’t need any further conditioning.


We use various stretching routines and trigger point therapy to produce better results and to add to the education of the athletes.