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Kids Holiday Activities

For school holiday camps and actitivies, Acceleration offers several speed and strength camps for kids (aged 10 to 17) and more elite athletes. Some of the camps are for 1 day only, several sessions over weeks while other camps can go over night.

Certified Performance Coach – Speed & Agility Module 2015/16

This course has been specifically designed for strength and conditioning coaches, physical education teachers, sports coaches and personal trainers who seek to learn everything there is to know about speed and agility training. In this 7-part, one day course, you can gain the knowledge Acceleration has accumulated over the last 14 years. It begins by looking at the elements of good running form and ends with drills to improve lateral quickness, first step quickness, lateral speed, etc while incorporating resistance or slight load. It is about creating speed through increased efficiencies and injury reduction. Courses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Dates TBC.