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Corporate Fitness with Acceleration

  •    Boost Morale
  •    Decrease Sick Days
  •    Improve Productivity
  •    Get Fit and Healthy
  •    Work Better Together as a Team!

At Acceleration, we believe that anyone has the potential to be active, fit and healthy. Regardless of whether you are involved in sports, work outdoors or in an office building, Acceleration Corporate programs can be tailored to suit your individual or organisation’s needs.

Train with the Professionals at Acceleration

Acceleration aims to fit in with your specific needs and goals. Whether you have an onsite facility for training or simply wish to use our modern and professional gym, Acceleration can help you achieve your goals. Be it a company initiative or  to give your employees the opportunity to improve their health and fitness, we’ve got you covered.

We can Help Your Staff in 2 Ways:
On-Going Fitness Training (weekly, daily)

On-Going Fitness Training

Your staff will get so much out of training with our Acceleration coaches.  Their programs will include everything they would want in a program plus the motivation they need to succeed and reach their goals.

We can come to you

– if you have an existing facility or equipment, our professional coaches can design a program based around this and provide expert supervision during nominated times.

–  We have also organised permits with the city council to run training sessions at one of the parks.  This is quick and easy to do if meeting at a park suits your group.

Come to us

– Our facilities us to design programs that are both fun and functional and our variety of equipment provides almost endless options. The fact that we have a large indoor space means that our sessions are unaffected by weather conditions meaning no missed sessions!

  • No missed sessions due to rain!
  • Professional, Experienced and Educated Coaches
  • No expensive gym membership or contracts
  • Showering Facilities
  • Easy and ample parking and close to public transport

About our Sessions

Whether we come to you or you come to us, all our programs will include exercises to specifically target an individuals: Flexibility, Stability, Cardio and Strength. The programs are designed to allow people to work at their own pace/intensity whilst still allowing everyone to exercise as one group creating a friendly, exciting atmosphere that will leave people feeling energised and refreshed whilst still providing a good workout.  

Current FITNESS Program Running NOW
Acceleration Melbourne – 10 Brens Drive, Parkville (State Netball and Hockey Centre)

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