Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability - Acceleration Melbourne DYNAMIC NEUROMUSCULAR STABILITY
  • Activation of deep core stabilisers – pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, multifidus, diaphraghm, deep neck flexors
  • These muscles act as stabilisers of the skeleton – most importantly the spine, hips and rib cage.
  • The muscles activate milliseconds before we move and support our joints
  • We will teach you how to integrate these highly important muscles into your sporting movements such as running, jumping, landing and tackling.

We use the principles developed at the Prague School of Rehabilitation which ‘re-wire’ the body into a more effective and economical system.

Our methods will teach you how to stabilise your important joints and how to use your ‘power’ muscles correctly.

A great example was of a young cricket player who could not throw far enough. After discovering a previous injury of his ankle, we were able to determine that he had a breakdown through his oblique chain resulting in the shoulder girdle not sitting correctly.

Once we had corrected these patterns we were able to work on strengthening his power muscles to make him bigger, faster and stronger!

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