It is often noted how important it is to be strong and powerful in most sports. However, it is equally as important (if not more important) to be flexible and mobile. If you are not able to maintain these two aspects of training along with everything else, you are losing performance as well as increasing risk of injury. Not only this but you are going to have some trouble performing many exercises if you don’t have good flexibility and mobility. Many exercises in the gym mimic movements performed during competitive sport- so you need to be able to safely and effectively get through those movements!

Youth and Flexibility/Mobility

Youth under the age of 18 are growing all the time, and as such their bones and muscles keep growing. Often the bones grow first, and then the other structures. A good way to teach the body to adjust to these new growth phases is to maintain flexibility so even as the bone grows, the muscle can adapt. At Acceleration Melbourne, we incorporate flexibility and mobility into every single session, whether it is individual training in the performance centre, or when we come out to sporting teams.

Mobility: how a joint moves
Flexibility: length of a muscle


Flexibility is how far you can stretch a muscle through a particular movement. When this movement is not controlled, the joint moving is not stable enough to perform that action. So you can be flexible, without being mobile. Flexibility can be thought of as a passive motion.

At Acceleration Melbourne, we trigger point at the start of sessions for flexibility and then foam roller at the end of sessions for flexibility and recovery.


Mobility comes from how well a person is able to perform functional movement patterns with no restrictions in the range of motion (ROM) of those movements. A flexible person may or may not have the core strength, balance, or coordination to perform the same functional movements as the person with great mobility.

At Acceleration Melbourne we start the session with a skill known as Deep system integration- a way of switching on the deep core stabilising muscles through simple yet effective exercises. These activate many of the stabilising structures of the body, so you can move with complete control during your workout. During the workout, mobility is also increased through work on dynamic movements such as lunge patterns, and keeping control through dynamic stretch movements.


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