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Athlete Performance testing and assessment

The very first step of creating the perfect training program is to learn as much as we can about each athlete.


Athlete High Performance Program

Join Acceleration and you will receive an individually designed sports specific program that has it all. From injury prevention to speed, strength and power development.


Team High Performance

Analyse your teams performance, pre-season campaign and in-season management with your very own performance coach


Allied Health – Injury management

Are you constantly injured? Experience our allied health practitioners who work collaboratively with our performance team.



Acceleration enhances sports performance for any athlete across a variety of sports.

“Training at Acceleration will put you in to an environment surrounded by professional coaches that are there to push your boundaries and help you achieve your performance goals. We don’t leave a stone unturned, in each session we will work on all facets of what makes you an athlete and aim to improve all areas.”

Enhancing Sports Performance since 2000

Speed and Strength Programs

School Holiday Speed Camp
Speed & Agility Program
School Holiday Strength Camp
Strength & Power Program