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Importance of Strength Training

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An effective strength training & conditioning program is essential for the fitness of football teams and also, for the well-being of all athletes. It is effective in helping players in preventing injuries and giving them an edge with strength and fitness. Strength training and conditioning programs usually are introduced at youth level in football. An effective strength training is the key to success in competitive football. Needless to mention, AFL training program includes effective strength training. Strength training programs should be implemented under the guidance of a qualified and experienced strength and conditioning trainer.

All endurance athletes should incorporate strength training in their fitness regimen. Some athletes especially, female athletes are scared of strength training as they think that they would become bulky. You must understand that strength training is not always about heavy lifting. However, if you are doing heavy lifting also, if you eat right, you are sure to notice great transformation in your body, but not bulk as such. You are sure to enjoy the following benefits if your strength training & conditioning program is implemented effectively.

Helps Prevent Injury

Whether you are an athlete, a cyclist, triathlete, swimmer or a runner you are required to repeat the same motion again and again, which may result in issues in case the muscles stabilizing your joints are quite weak. Maintaining good form and keeping pace till the end of any race is only possible if your core is really strong. You are less likely to get injured if you happen to be really strong in each and every plane of motion.

Helps to Boost Muscle Mass for Enhanced Body Composition

More muscle mass means increased metabolism for a particular body weight. As per your starting point, muscles could end up getting slightly bigger before they become stronger. But you do not end up getting bulky muscle mass because you are biking, running or swimming at least twice or four times the actual amount of time used for doing strength training. Follow effective nutrition plans for best results. Strength training is also, effective in improving bone density that prevents osteoporosis.

Enhances Power Generation

Strength training assists you in racing faster. It can be of great help in case you are encountering some problems on the climbs and if you are finding it difficult to keep steady on the flat. If you incorporate an effective strength training program you would certainly notice a certain improvement in your fast-twitch muscle performance on your bike with pretty less cycling. The enhanced power generation would be effective in overcoming the punchy little climbs. You could notice good gains, for that you need to do exercises that are geared toward effective power generation such as plyometric exercises including box jumps and Olympic lifts involving weights.

Start Now for Assured Success

It could be pretty overwhelming to find out exactly where to start in case you are just into strength training. However, you must keep in mind that there are plenty of resources including personal trainers, online and books. You could hire an expert personal trainer preferably, an experienced CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach). A good coach would at first make a true assessment of your individual requirements and then come up with a program that works best for you. You could also, join a good group class offered by a reputed gym.

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