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Injury Rehabilitation: Aim, Procedure & Benefits

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If you are involved in active sports or if you are a fitness fanatic, it is quite possible for you to get injured. Treatment of an injury must go hand in hand with rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is actually, the process of regaining full function after an injury. It involves restoration of flexibility, strength, power and endurance. Injury rehabilitation could be achieved through a variety of drills and exercises. You must remember that rehabilitation is essential and really important and cannot be overlooked.

Aim of Rehabilitation

The primary objective of any injury rehabilitation program is to help you regain pre-injury capabilities in every aspect of physical fitness. A complete rehabilitation and strengthening regimen is necessary for ensuring complete recovery and prevent re-injuries. Sports rehabilitation is referred to a treatment modality mostly advised for weak and injured athletes suffering from some sort of sports injury.

Rehabilitation program aids in fast recovery, reducing pain, and promoting mobility of all the stifled muscles affected by the injury, restoring normal function and preventing any recurring damage or distress to the affected tissue. Rehabilitation procedures are done by an experienced multidisciplinary team comprising orthopaedic surgeons/physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and also, massage therapists.

What Sort of Injuries Need Rehabilitation?

Individuals and athletes who are involved in active sports are more prone to certain sports related injuries such as tennis elbow, fractures, sprain, strain, herniated disc, Achilles tendon, knee injuries, tarsal tunnel syndrome and even dislocation. These injuries are pretty common if you are involved in sports such as football, golf, tennis, athletics, and basketball.

Who Are the Best Candidates?

Injury rehabilitation is best for individuals who are not able to resume their normal sports activities post a surgery or a sports injury. The specialist rehabilitation team would be working on a variety of flexibility exercises and physical activities that assist in regaining the motion and strength of the affected muscles.

Common Course of Treatment

The immediate and most common treatment modality which provides effective pain relief is RICE treatments that imply the treatment comprising Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Rice is most appropriate for acute injuries like strains, sprains, contusions and bruises. Slits, crutches or even wheelchairs could be utilized as immobilizers for providing support and preventing movement of the affected joints. Medicines like Ibuprofen are administered for pain relief purposes.

Rehabilitation Techniques

Rehabilitation techniques include massage techniques, stretching and bending workouts, stability exercises, heat therapy, physiotherapy and much more. Different techniques of rehabilitation have their own significance in the improvement in physical performance and restoration of normal activity.

Stretching & Bending Exercises are best for improving the flexibility of the affected muscles.

Massage Techniques are effective in relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation or flow to the injured part.

Stability Exercises are effective in restoring the normal movements and functions of the fractured or injured joints.

Appropriate gears are used for correcting biochemical dysfunction. Often in the case of a foot injury, sports persons are advised to wear specially designed and crafted running shoes. These shoes are known to be having a relatively harder material inside the sole that would be preventing the injured foot from getting hurt by rolling in.

Injury rehabilitation program is effective in treating and alleviating the condition. However, it is always recommended that you practice some effective preventive measures for preventing any injury.

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