Rehabilitation And Injury Prevention - Acceleration Melbourne REHABILITATION AND INJURY PREVENTION

At Acceleration Melbourne we are your very first step when it comes to rehabilitation after seeing your surgeon or physiotherapist.

We specialise in:

  • Soft tissue rehabilitation
  • Contact injuries
  • Developmental conditions
  • Chronic back pain rehabilitation


Our methods have been developed extensively over the last 15 years to ensure you will return to your sport in a more prepared state than you previously have been.

Soft tissue injuries such as hamstring, hip flexor, quadriceps and groin are common in sports today so you will experience the very best training methods to build back stronger and faster from these injuries.

But…the program doesn’t stop there!

We will continue to develop and ensure that these soft tissue injuries do not occur again. Through correct programming, load management and education you can rest easy knowing your injuries are behind you.

Contact injuries are unfortunate but a part of the game. Knee, shoulder and ankle reconstructions can be very tough on an athlete both physically and mentally. Throughout your rehabilitation program with us we will monitor and progress your training appropriately so you can get back to training and playing sooner than you would have expected.

Osgood schlatters?


Shin Splints?

Look no further…we have plenty of experiencing in helping athletes with these conditions.

Lower back pain?

Our DNS based activation and rehabilitation exercises will instantly help relieve some of the pain whilst we work hard to prevent it ever returning.


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