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Your school has some pretty strong sporting traditions. Your school also prides itself in offering the best programs and to give every student the ability to achieve their best and to have a go. There is also the need to keep all of our kids active, fit and healthy.

Acceleration is passionate about: helping young people achieve their sporting goals, educating them to include sport and exercise throughout their lives and giving kids the confidence to perform at his or her best.

We hope to achieve all of this through group, before and after school training programs.


Groups of up to 20 athletes meet our performance coaches in your school’s weight room. The sessions are held before and after school and run for 75 minutes for the senior level athletes (begin using free weights) and 45 minutes for the juniors. The programs run per term and include training times during school holidays. The program includes:


This testing measures things such as flexibility, power, agility, and speed. This testing protocol occurs up to 3 times per year. Acceleration has developed a database software which will e-mail the participant and his parents/guardian with the login details to view the results so that you and their family can see the improvements made in those areas. Included in the results will be a power rating (Score out of 700 points), which will give an indication of each person’s overall athleticism rating.


These warm ups prepare the body and neurological system for the work load the athlete is about to perform. Our research has proven this method of warming up to be highly effective.

Speed and Agility

All sports require you to move quickly.  Acceleration programs always incorporate drills to get the athletes moving their feet as quickly as possible and in a way that replicates the movements they make in their sport(s).  We use ladders, cones, sleds, etc throughout the year to ensure that athletes do not slow down as they grow in height and weight.


Strength comes from resistance training. Using free weight and body weight exercises, our performance coaches will write, monitor and managed the athletes through their strength program.  Each program is design to create a strong stable body that is more resistant to injury and more powerful and quick in competition.Core strength training in groups is great because it makes workouts enjoyable. Power training (Jumping) is fun and educational for the boys and girls. You would be surprised by how many people do not know how to jump and land appropriately. Strength training for athletes can have an amazing effect on sports performance and injury prevention.


Acceleration can help with the conditioning of your athletes as well. We have found that conditioning is usually a part of training with teams at practice and therefore, the athletes don’t need any further conditioning.


We use various stretching routines and trigger point therapy to produce better results and to add to the education of the boys.

These programs are designed for students from Grades 8 to 12.  We can enhance the sports performance of the general student body or take a specific sport or team to the next level.

Online Programs 

Everyone from the head sports master, team coach, the parents and the athletes receive a username and password to have access to the training program.  This means that everyone can see what the kids are doing and view videos of each exercise.  This also allows people to enrol themselves into the program.

Online Attendance Records 

The attendance of each athlete is noted and recorded online. This allows staff and parents the ability to find out if their son or daughter has been showing up.

Online Testing Results Record Board 

The results from the 3 testing sessions will be entered and displayed on the internet.  The head sports master can view each person’s results but everyone else can only see theirs and an annoymous report that shows how their results compare to the other athletes at their school. Their results are put into our large database of every athlete we’ve ever tested so a student can see how they compare with all of our athletes based on their sport and age.

Holiday Programs 

The programs are written in a way that coordinates with the school term and periodised to accomodate with sporting season.  Therefore, the athletes can continue to train during the school holidays.

Contact us!  We would love to be involved in your school.