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Sprint Training Melbourne for Boosting Athlete Performance

At Acceleration, we have been successfully training athletes to get faster across all sports since the year 2000. Our speed training Melbourne program aims to implement training ideology from world renowned track running coaches combined with 15 years of practical experience training and developing thousands of athletes. Acceleration Melbourne delivers a training system that starts with fundamentals on Speed, agility, acceleration and will work through programs to develop Explosive speed, power and dynamic agility in our advanced sprint training sessions.  The key to Acceleration’s speed training program is that it is sport specific. At Acceleration, we pride ourselves on delivering transferrable speed training that can give you the winning edge, on the field.

Our testing program

All acceleration programs start off with a thorough testing and video analysis session, utilising the latest in sport science equipment. The results we gather will determine how we design your very own sports specific speed training program.

Using an iPad and our cloud based software, our high-performance coaches will determine the areas of improvement in your running form. We can deliver instant feedback at your testing session by playing back your running technique in slow mo. All tests completed in this session, including your goals, will determine what exercises your coach includes in your strength, conditioning, speed, agility and flexibility programs.  We will re-test including video analysis at several stages in your program to compare improvements and show you real results.

The athlete training program will comprise of the following:

    •     Trigger point therapy
    •     Deep System Integration Exercises
    •     Dynamic Warm Up
    •     Speed and Agility Drills and technique
    •     Conditioning
    •     Strength and Power
    •     Core Strength and stability
    •     Flexibility

Making you ready for competition

At Acceleration Melbourne, we will ‘periodise’ or ‘plan’ your speed training Melbourne program so that you are primed and ready for major competition dates and seasons. It is common for every athlete to have a full 1 year competition plan of attack that will have our high-performance coaches progressively adapting your program so that you are continuously improving across all facets that makes you an athlete. We will leave no stone unturned in the program and coaching to deliver real results.