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Speed is a skill! Regardless of the sport, every athlete can benefit from improved speed, strength, agility and quickness. Our speed classes provide the strategies and techniques necessary for athletes to improve their first step quickness, acceleration and deceleration, top speed, linear and lateral speed, change of direction mobility, and maximum velocity.

Speed training is a benefit to athletes of all sports and age groups. The ability to accelerate and maintain top speed, change direction or decelerate to a sudden stop safely is a skill that must be coached technically in order for athletes to realise their maximum potential and reduce the potential for short or long term injury.

Usain Bolt
196cm, 94kg, age 29
Top speed 12.42 metres per second

World record holder:
100m = 9.58 sec
200m = 19.19 sec
4x 100m = 36.84 sec




Just a few words to describe this once in a lifetime athlete that is Usain Bolt.

How is he so fast?

  • Genetics
  • Anatomy
  • Power
  • Control
  • Body awareness

These are just a few reasons behind his success, however years of hard training and working to correct movement patterns have helped him become that athlete he is.

Our programs seek to uncover and rebuild your movement patterns to create the fastest and most efficient athlete possible.

Video analysis of your running gait will provide instant feedback as to where you can improve and what is a priority.

We will correct and develop your:

  • Arm drive
  • Foot position
  • Hip control
  • Leg flexion and extension
  • Posture
  • Body angle

When you bring all these concepts together it will build the foundations of a new more robust and efficient athlete.


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