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Acceleration Melbourne has been enhancing sports performance since the year 2000 with huge success. Starting with 13 athletes in our very first school sports performance program Melbourne and our first Professional contract with the Brisbane Bullets Basketball team in Brisbane. We have since coached thousands of athletes at Olympic, professional and semi professional levels across ALL sports. Acceleration has worked with even more athletes just wanting to improve at local competition sport. Athletes can start our sports specific strength and conditioning program at the age of 8 and progress year in and year out to develop ahead of the pack. Each sports performance program Melbourne is tailored to the individual and we will aim to improve all areas that make you an athlete. The sports performance program will encompass Injury prevention, flexibility, Dynamic warm-up, speed, agility, power, stability and steering, strength. Not to mention the education and learning that comes from every new exercise and its benefits. At Acceleration we will also aid in monitoring training loads as to prevent injury, nutrition, game day preparation protocols, post game protocols and more. All of these tools will guarantee that no stone is left unturned and that we are doing everything we can to get the most out of your sporting career.

Each sports performance program Melbourne comprises of 4 Levels and start at the Hypertrophy Phase – Level 1, then progress onto General Strength Phase – Level 2, Specific Strength Phase – Level 3, Maximum Strength/Power Phase – Level 4. After you have completed all 4 levels, you will be ready to receive a Customized program to continue to make progress in your training.

For the more professional athlete, your best bet is to opt for a Customized Program where we can design the advanced sports performance program Melbourne for you and your goals.