Sports Specific Agility - Acceleration Melbourne SPORTS SPECIFIC AGILITY

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

Muhammad Ali

We’ve all heard the amazing quote above and have seen the fancy footwork of the great boxer, but how important was his agility to his success?

Almost every sport has some agility in some way, shape or form. The best athletes tend to be the most agile athletes, our need to develop and perfect our agility is a must.

Our programs will develop and perfect:

  • Foot speed and control
  • Agility patterns
  • Deceleration mechanics
  • Change of direction
  • Reaction
  • Evasion


Through careful programming and constant analysis of your performance we will progress you accordingly to help you become the most agile and elusive athlete you can be.

Think you are an agile human? Try out our Pro-Agility test and see if you can beat our all time record set by a 14 year old future Australian Wallaby….at 4.00sec


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