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Sprint training

Usain Bolt – The fastest man in the world

Usain Bolt’s Profile

196cm, 94kg

Top speed 12.42 meters per second

World record holder:

100m = 9.58 sec

200m = 19.19 sec

4x 100m = 36.84 sec

How is he so fast?

  • Power
  • Control
  • Body awareness
  • Genetics
  • Anatomy

These are just a few reasons behind his success. However just like a golfer who masters a golf swing, Usain has trained the correct movement patterns for years, which has helped him become that athlete he is today.

Our Sprint training program Melbourne seeks to uncover and rebuild your movement patterns to create the fastest and most efficient athlete possible.

Video analysis of your running gait will provide instant feedback as to where you can improve and what is a priority.

We will correct and develop your:

  • Arm drive
  • Foot position
  • Hip control
  • Leg flexion and extension
  • Posture
  • Body angle

When you bring all these concepts together it will build the foundations of a new more robust and efficient athlete.

Acceleration Melbourne delivers a beginner, intermediate and advanced sprint training program Melbourne. It is important to get a gauge of your running mechanics and to test how fast you really are. We always start with a thorough testing session. We will be able to slow down your running technique using video analysis and point out every deficiency in your running style. The other tests will point out any structural issues and functional limitations. The high performance coaches will carefully design the sprint training program Melbourne. The sprint training program Melbourne will consist of activation exercises, injury prevention exercises, Dynamic warm up, Sprint specific drills, Acceleration mechanics, Speed mechanics, conditioning and finally a warm down and stretch. Time would also be spent in the gym working on steering exercises, balance and strength and power development. The key to our success lies in our ability to make sure that the training is sports specific and transferrable on game day. We use repetition to coach these principles into your subconscious, so that you can perform these changes naturally on game day. Every sprint training program is different and we can guarantee results. We can show the results easily by re-testing throughout our season plan. We use the test to gauge the effectiveness of our coaching methods and to showcase improvements.

At Acceleration Melbourne we have several options to help you on your goals to become faster. We have a 30-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute training session format. We also run a very successful speed camp on the school holidays that will have your running faster in a matter of weeks. For more information on our sprint training program Melbourne and services, please contact us today.