Elite Coach for Strengh Training & Conditioning in Gym Melbourne CBD STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING TRAINING MELBOURNE

Acceleration Melbourne’s leading strength and conditioning program was developed in the year 2000 in Brisbane. The strength and conditioning principles were developed by Stewart Briggs in his time learning and coaching in America. Stewart identified a major gap in the strength and conditioning programs in Australia and sought to make changes. The strength training Melbourne programs are unique in their design and coaching. Acceleration have refined our methods over the past 15 years to provide a unique and results driven strength and conditioning program. This program has seen large improvements in our elite level athletes that compete in a national or Olympic level. We have also demonstrated great success training the everyday athlete across our centres in Australia.

How the program works?


Our strong analysis foundation allows us to determine your athletic strengths and weaknesses. Based on these results, a strength, speed, conditioning and perhaps rehabilitation program is written to improve your ability to compete at the highest possible level. We will test your anthropometrics, Function movement, Range of motion, Manual muscle tests, performance tests, Vertical jump (power), medicine ball overhead throw, Speed gate 20m dash, Pro-shuttle agility and more. We offer the best strength training Melbourne program.


Our high performance coaches will design a sport specific strength training Melbourne program that will work on all areas that make you an athlete. Focusing on the initial test results we will aim to strengthen your weaknesses and develop your strengths. We will also plan every step of your program to make sure that your goals are achieved. The plan or we call ‘periodization plan’ will incorporate nutrition, rehabilitation, injury prevention, game day protocols, pre/post-game protocols, flexibility, trigger point therapy and more.


Acceleration coaches will continually undergo further development and advanced coaching clinics to ensure we are at the forefront of sport science. All coaches are degree qualified and maintain a current working with children’s check. Acceleration employs arguably the best high performance coaches in Australia and still lead the way in the development of quality coaches in professional organisations across Australia and overseas.


At Acceleration Melbourne we will always plan to re-test every athlete throughout the year. In these sessions we can showcase improvements across all areas. This is vital to the improvement of our systems and to gauge the success of our programs. We have achieved phenomenal results across all ages and sports.

For more information on our strength training Melbourne programs, contact us now. We have multiple options including our very own online high performance program.