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The very first step of creating the perfect training program is to learn as much as we can about each athlete. It is so important to test so that each and every program is individualised and tailored for the athletes needs. We want to help you reach your goals, and to do this we perform a set of tests that has been proven to give accurate information of the subject being tested.

Your performance testing will include:

  • Anthropometry (height and weight)
  • Range of motion (flexibility)
  • Function Movement Systems (capacity for movement)
  • Power capacity
  • Agility speed
  • Straight line speed

So I have completed the testing session, now what?

Running form video analysis and feedback:

Following the testing session, you will sit down with a performance coach, who will identify the athlete’s strengths, the barriers limiting their current performance, and areas for improvement.

Your results will be explained, and strategies to improve your performance will be put in place.

The sprinting components will be recorded, and you will have the opportunity to review the videos in slow motion, learning about any flaws you may have in your technique and how we will fix them. Your video will be stored on your profile, which you can access at any time, and then we will use this as a comparison to new videos.

Following this, we will discuss your goals in your chosen sport/s. It is crucial to find out what motivates you in your sport, where you want to go with it and the best pathway to achieve this.


Why do I need to change my running technique?

Running technique correction will make you faster, which usually makes you a better athlete. It is not just so that you look good whilst sprinting on the court, field or turf. Changes that need to be made will be identified during your testing session so we can increase speed, strength and power. It is important to correct movement patterns so that you may move better through other parts of your sport, whether it is jumping or hitting the ball.

But I am not a running athlete; can I still test?

Yes! We change our testing protocol based on the type of athlete you are. If you do not run in your sport, you will complete a slightly different testing session.

So what does my training involve?

Your customised Acceleration program will include a combination of the following components. Click on any component for more information.

  • Flexibility Deep
  • System Integration Exercises
  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Speed and Agility Drills
  • Conditioning
  • Strength and Power Exercises
  • Recovery

Training with Acceleration is a great way to learning more about your body, training and why you should train a certain way. We aim to educate our athletes so that they have the knowledge to take into their future endeavours. We also hold seminars for athletes that encompass other aspects of performance, including physiotherapy, nutrition, psychological coaching and motivation.

What about group testing sessions?

Our highly trained staff members are able to complete large testing sessions for your sporting teams. We complete protocols used for state and national team selections, as well as performance screening for teams.

We look forward to having you train with us, call today to learn how you can get involved with the program

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