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On a daily basis we are constantly reminded how influential sports are to a child’s development. Involvement in a sport from an early age introduces children to the enjoyment of winning, the pain of losing, the social aspect of being a teammate and most importantly, teaching children how to act in society as an individual.

At Acceleration, we believe it is the responsibility of the parents and coaches to offer children the best possible opportunity in sports. Acceleration has been created to help with this process, and through teaching the fundamentals, we believe we can give your child the best start in their sporting career.

Why train with Acceleration?

You may have heard the term LTAD or Long Term Athlete Development being thrown around. This refers to developing athletes from a young age so that their sporting career can be as fruitful as possible. Too often we hear stories about teenagers or athletes in their early 20’s being sidelined with overuse injuries.  At Acceleration we have an approach where we develop our athletes at their own individual speed. Every athlete is a different human who needs to have their development program tailored to their ability and requirements.

Youth Programs

Our development program for youth athletes focuses on simple but effective ways to improve performance. We start with the fundamentals such as running technique, evasion, landing, jumping and stability. Once we have built the foundations we progress through to developing speed, agility, power and strength. With direct coaching from our experienced staff your child will continually be motivated to develop all aspects of their athleticism.

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